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Pastor's Weekly Devotion

In March 2012 a 29 year old soldier named Sergeant Dennis Weichel lost his life during an act of boldness and heroism.  While traveling in military convoy in eastern Afghanistan some children were picking up shell cases from the road.  The children were safely removed from the road so the convoy could continue on.  However, one of the little girls went back on the road.  Sergeant Weichel moved quickly to rescue the girl from being ran over.  In the process he saved the girl but lost his own life.  No doubt this story is sad, yet it describes the kind of sacrifice and boldness every man and woman should have. 

In Mark 6:18 we read about the John the Baptist’s response to Herod’s immoral decision to marry his own sister-in-law.  Such an act was against the law of God.  As a result, John had no problem telling Herod that his decision was not lawful before God.  I believe this act of confrontation sets forth John the Baptist as a bold man.  Today we need more such men and women who desire to take serious their life as a Christian. I believe there are four core values at the heart of John the Baptist that helped him be a bold man. 

  1. John possessed a sincere conviction.

  2. John possessed a steadfast courage.

  3. John possessed a strong character.

  4. John possessed a sacrificial commitment.

These are the core values I believe every believers should possess.  We must have strong convictions about what we believe.  There are many people today, especially the younger generations, who believe that truth is relative and not absolute.  They would tend to believe that truth is based on culture or circumstance instead of the absolute truth presented in the Bible.  We must have the courage to act.  John had little problem telling royalty they were wrong.  We must have a reputation for strong character.  Herod knew John was a righteous and holy man.  Do people know you as a righteous and holy man?  John was a man of self-sacrifice.  He was eventually killed as a result of his moral stance and faithfulness to God.  In a world of changing moral landscape we need men and women who are bold and unafraid to live out Biblical convictions no matter the cost. May God instill in each heart these four core values so we can honor God in our day.



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