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Fulfilling Our Responsibilities

Mark 1:35, “And rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, He departed and went out to a desolate place, and there He prayed.”

We have an obligation to faithfully fulfill our God given responsibilities and calling in life. Maybe you don’t feel like you are called to do anything specific. But, you do have some God given responsibilities that you need to fulfill. Take a moment to consider how well you are doing at fulfilling your responsibilities. Sometimes life is so busy that we get worn down, exhausted, and discouraged to the point that we are not doing what we need to do. We are doing something, but we are not effectively fulfilling our God given responsibilities. Jesus does something quite unique and if taken to heart in our lives it has the potential to propel us forward toward faithfulness. In Mark 1:35 we read that Jesus woke early in the morning while it was still dark, went away to a desolate place, and spent time in prayer. After spending time alone with God He went on to faithfully fulfill God’s purpose for His life. Jesus always does what the Father’s will. Jesus set a find example for us to consider, but make no mistake Jesus is more than an example setter. He is the Savior and Lord of every born again believer. Paul explained that Christ lived in Him. This is the wonderful reality for every believer. Christ, indeed, does live in the believer. Yet, His life can refine our life if we take time to learn from Jesus. In doing so we find the keys to faithfully fulfilling our God given responsibilities and calling.

  1. Prioritize taking time away to spend with God. Jesus left the house and found a desolate place to spend time with God the Father in prayer. A desolate place is a place that was unfrequented by people. It was a place abandoned and without distraction. These days it is hard to find a desolate place. We are so tied to our cell phones and busy schedules that it is hard to find a desolate place to spend time alone with God without interruption. But, we must prioritize this time.

  2. Prioritize spending time with God in prayer. Jesus had a pattern of praying. He prayed all night before He chose the twelve apostles. He prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane before His crucifixion. We must make time to spend with God in prayer. If you have a hard time knowing what to pray about then read the Bible, let the Holy Spirit lead you, and be perceptive about that things going in your life.

  3. Prioritize disciplined living. There are choices before us everyday. Jesus faced a choice to meet the needs of the people who were looking for him or move on to the next village to preach. If we are going to be faithful with our responsibilities and calling then we must be disciplined in decision making.

May God bless you as you as you seek to faithfully fulfill your God given responsibilities and calling.


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