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Mark 2:5, “And when Jesus saw their faith, He said to the paralytic, ‘Son, your sins are forgiven.’"

One day I was traveling to my office after making a visit to an individual at a local hospital. My route took me north bound on a four lane road that was marked with a 45 mph speed limit. However, the road design and traffic flow make it very easy to travel in excess of the posted speed limit. That morning as I was headed to my office I lost track of my speed. As a result, I got introduced to one of our local state employees. He drove a nice Chevy Tahoe with lots of lights and wore a classy uniform. After the brief encounter I was graciously released without a ticket and informed to slow down. I was grateful I got released from my mistake. Perhaps, you know what it is like to be released from a mistake or obligation. In Mark 2:5 we see Jesus look at a man who was paralyzed and tell him, “Son, your sins are forgiven.” Jesus knew everything about this man and He knows everything about us. Even though the man was paralyzed Jesus actually addressed the man’s greatest issue. Our lives may be marked by certain ailments or problems, but nothing is greater that our need for forgiveness. By definition forgiveness involves releasing someone from legal obligation or consequence. When we sin against God there will be consequences. But, this passage in Mark provides us with the hope and direction we need. Jesus can forgive us and in essence release us from sin’s consequences. This happens first in a persons life when he/she gets saved by receiving Jesus as Savior and confesses his/her sins to Jesus. I hope you have experienced the forgiveness that only Jesus can offer. If not, I encourage you to come to Jesus for He alone is capable of dealing with your sin and forgiving you.



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