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Experiencing Victory

Revelation 15:2, “And I saw something like a sea of glass mixed with fire, and those who had been victorious over the beast and his image and the number of his name, standing on the sea of glass, holding harps of God.”

Every Friday night in the fall, football teams and their fans gather across America under the lights hoping for victory. The fans cheer loud and the players play with passion longing to experience the feeling of victory. There is nothing like a Friday night victory for the home team and their fans.

Everyone enjoys victory. However, sometimes it is hard to experience personal victory in our lives. Our greatest contests are not always played at a stadium but in the arena of life. For victory in these great contests of life we must turn to God and His word.

If you are needing and desiring victory in life I encourage you to turn your attention to Revelation 15. In this passage of scripture you will see the timeless God given truth that truly inspires. In Revelation 15 John describes a celebration scene. In the midst of the darkest moment in world history we see the victorious tribulation saints celebrating. What a precious scene to behold. In the midst terrible tribulation period there is a group of tribulation saints celebrating victory.

This victory scene in Revelation 15:1-4 sets forth the reality that victory can be experienced. If you examine the passage you will see three reasons why victory can be experienced.

  1. Victory can be experienced because our God is greater.

  2. Victory can be experienced because our God is the God of deliverance.

  3. Victory can be experienced because our God is the King of nations.

First, victory can be experienced because our God is greater. Satan has had a rather profound presence in the previous chapters leading up to chapter 15. But, God is presented as superior to this inferior foe. These victorious ones are prepared to worship God. They are holding harps of God and singing because God has brought them great victory. God is greater and far superior to any foe that could come against you.

Secondly, victory can be experienced because our God is the God of deliverance. Every time we are asked to stand for the national anthem we hear a song play that reminds us of the sacrifices made for our countries freedom. The anthem is essentially a victory song. Here in Revelation 15, John sees that these victorious saints are singing. They are specifically singing the song of Moses and the song of the Lamb. The song of Moses takes us back to that moment of worship that Moses and the Israelites experienced after they were delivered from Pharaoh and his army. The song of the Lamb is the worship of the Jesus in Revelation 5. These songs rejoice in God’s deliverance in the face of a determined adversary.

Thirdly, victory can be experienced because our God is the King of the nations. Revelation 15:4 says, “All the nations will come and worship before You.” Consider that the One whom you have surrendered your life to for salvation is the One whom the nation’s will worship. He is worthy of this worship because He has redeemed us from sin and Satan.

Be encouraged! May you experience great victory through our great God!

Pastor Kyle



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