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Building Update August 25, 2023

I know it may be hard to see how this is all going to come together. But, it is coming together. To God be the glory. Progress is being made. In the photos above you see more concrete work being done on the north side of the church. This work will help create a nice entrance so people can more easily enter the church after parking on the north side of the building. You can also see a picture of the plumbing in our bathroom remodel in the activities building. The plumbing is getting closer to being done. Once this is completed we are one step closer to hanging sheetrock. You also have a picture of the metal covering a portion of the north wall of the new construction. In the picture you can see the new color the church exterior. I fully anticipate that we will see steel framing erected next week. Lord willing! Please continue to pray and encourage one another as together we build generation to generation.



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