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Reviving the Spiritually Dry

Ezekiel was led out by the Spirit of the Lord into the middle of a valley full of dry bones. Ezekiel walked around in the valley and discovered that there were many dry bones. God explained to Ezekiel that these dry bones were the whole house of Israel. The whole nation of Israel was in need of revival and renewal. They were in need of revival because of stubbornness and rebellion. They were reaping what they had sown. These bones were simply a remnant of where life used to be. Perhaps, this is a picture of your spiritual life these days. You are dried up with no spiritual vitality because you have walked away from the Lord. You are nothing more than a remnant of what you use to be. Friend, I want to see you renewed and restored to be all that God desires you to be and do. Do you want you to enjoy the abundant life the Lord Jesus died to give you? In order for this to happen you will need to understand that God loves you and desires to see you revived. He desires revival and renewal in your life. I know this because God called on Ezekiel to prophecy to the dry bones. God would have been perfectly justified to simply leave these dried up and spiritual dead folks alone. But, He desired to see them revived. As a result, He instructed Ezekiel to prophecy to the dry bones so that they would live. When the prophetic message was uttered from Ezekiel’s mouth the dry bones came back together. Friends, you can be revived. God desires your revival. This revival happens when the powerful word of God sinks into our dried up hearts and brings life where there’s no life. The word of God is powerful. When Jonah preached the message God had given him in the hearing of the evil citizens of Nineveh they humbled themselves and repented of their sins. When Peter preached the word of God on the day of Pentecost there were 3000 souls saved. The Psalmist said in Psalm 119:50, “This is my comfort in my affliction that Your word has revived me.” I hope you have a great week and come to enjoy the revival of God in your life.


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