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The Gospel Centered Woman

On the topic of a gospel centered woman…

We find in the book of Acts a dear saint in Philippi named Lydia, whom God used in a mighty way. The apostle Paul met up with Lydia on near the river in Philippi. Paul had received a vision from the Lord that confirmed God’s direction for his missionary journey. This vision was a call to go to the district of Macedonia. As a result of the vision, Paul made his way to the district of Macedonia and consequently found himself in Philippi where he met up with Lydia. Philippi was a Roman Colony and a leading city in the area. From God's perspective it was a perfect place for a church plant. After arriving in Philippi, Paul redeemed his opportunity and found a place near the river to reason about Jesus to those who would hear. There by the river Lydia got saved. On the day Paul preached to the group of ladies, God opened Lydia’s heart. She was transformed. She became a woman with an open heart and an open home. She had an open heart to Jesus, to being obedient to God, and to uniting with other believers. Her open heart led to her to open her home to serve others in Christian hospitality, fellowship, and discipleship. Lydia was the first convert of the church that was soon planted in Philippi, whom Paul addressed in the letter he wrote to the Philippians which we call the book of Philippians. God opened Lydia’s heart for the cause of Christ. She became a gospel centered woman. Her heart was opened to obedience to the Lord in baptism. Her heart was opened to other people who were vastly different than her. This is huge because the unsaved are prone to division apart from Christ. But, when God worked His mighty power in Philippi to establish a church, He brought together a socially diverse group of people. God united Lydia, (a wealthy seller of purple), a slave girl (who would have been consider the lowest member of society), and a Roman jailer. Lydia opened her home for the cause of Christ. Her home would have most likely been the place of worship for the new church plant in Philippi. Praise God for the testimony of Lydia, the gospel centered woman. I am convinced this world needs more people like Lydia who are willing to redeem their lives for the glory of God and the advancement of the Gospel. We need more people with an open heart to Jesus and an open home to use for the glory of God.


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