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Leaving a Legacy

It is Memorial Day 2016. Today we remember the numerous heroes who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. I am stirred with gratitude this year in a way I have never been before. I am grateful to God for those who have given their lives.

Today, as you think about their legacy, I want you to consider your own legacy. What will be said of you long after you are gone? How will you be remembered? What will be your legacy?

In Acts 11 we find that after the martyrdom of Stephen the believers scattered. However, they did not scattered in fear and silence. Rather, they made their way through Phoenicia, Cyprus, and Antioch speaking the gospel to the Jews. Some men from Cyprus and Cyrene preached Jesus to the Greeks in Antioch. When those in Antioch heard the good news about the Lord Jesus a large number believed and were saved. The church in Jerusalem heard about the good things happening in Antioch and decided they needed to send someone to assist the effort. The church sent a good man named Barnabas. When Barnabas arrived he encouraged the ministry and new believers and great numbers were being brought to the Lord.

When I think about legacy I think of Barnabas. In Acts 11 a statement is made that has resonated in my heart for some time. This statement is about Barnabas and is found in Acts 11:24. This verse explains to us that Barnabas “was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and of faith.” What a tremendous statement. When I die and they write my obituary, I hope this can be said of me.

From Acts 11:23-25 we can learn five simple and yet profound keys to leaving a good and Godly legacy.

  • Be an encourager. Barnabas was an encourager.

  • Secure a good reputation. Barnabas was a good man.

  • Live according to the Holy Spirit. Barnabas was full of the Holy Spirit.

  • Live by faith. Barnabas was full of faith.

  • Champion soul winning. Barnabas had an impact on large numbers coming to Christ.

May God encourage and equip you to leave a good and Godly legacy.


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