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Suffering Unjustly?

I am concerned about the Christian who thinks that life should be problem free and all should be well if things are "right" between him and Jesus. Perhaps there are messages that circulate in Christsendom that lead followers of Christ to believe that suffering is a result of sin or personal failure. Certianly sin and personal failure can lead to suffering. However, you may suffer and it may be completely unrelated. This misunderstanding can lead a believer to a place of confusion, doubt and despair.

What the Bible says in Psalm 44:17 helps clarify this confusion. This passage says, "All this has come upon us, but we have not forgotten You, and we have not dealt falsely with Your covenant." According to Psalm 44, Israel had experienced much trouble even though they were faithful to God. Just a few verses earlier you can see that they felt rejected and dishonored. They were scattered like sheep. Furthermore, they were a reproach to their neighbors. They were a laughing stock. No one really wants this kind of life. However, this was Israel's experience. Possibly it may be your experience for a season. Let me encourage you. Do not lose heart. You just may be right in God's plan. You just may be right where God wants you. I like what Proverbs 20:24 says, "The Lord directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way?"

Here is the reality. Trouble can and will be part of our Christian lives. There will be times when all seems lost and you feel abandoned and alone. You feel as if you have been rejected by God. This will all happen even though you have done nothing to deserve such trials and troubles. As one scholar explained, "Sometimes our suffering is actually a scar for our loyalty to Christ."

Friend, remain loyal. Though it may seem that the world is against you and you are fighitng a losing battle, stand firm. The apostle Paul referred to his trouble as momentary and light when compared to the eternal weight of glory. You will never regret remaining loyal and faithful to God.

Have a great week!


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