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Renewing Your Relationship With God

Trials can take a toll on our relationship with God. A trial that comes and is quickly resolved can be somewhat easy. However, the trial that comes and doesn't go away can be very difficult. In these types of trials our faith is really put to the test. Our view of God can really be put to the test. Our relationship with God can be hindered. Asaph was a man not unlike each one of us. He was tried and tested. The comfort he longed for seemed to elude him even though he cried out to the Lord. What's more, the very thought of God disturbed Asaph. He could not sleep at night. He pondered some very difficult questions. Has the Lord rejected me? Will the Lord show me favor again? Will the Lord be loving and kind to me again? Has His promise come to an end? Has God forgotten to be gracious to me? Is He angry with me and therefore withdrawn His compassion? Certainly, Asaph was in a very difficult place with his faith and relationship with God. Yet, in a moment of clarity, Asaph come to realize something very important. He stated in Psalm 77:10, "Then I said, 'It is my grief, that the right hand of the Most High has changed.'" (NASB) Essentially, Asaph came to realize that God had not changed. He thought God had changed, but God had not changed. His view and understanding of God had changed because of the grief and trial he was going through. Trials can do this to our faith and relationship with God. Friends, God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Take a few moments to consider the ways He has worked in the past. Consider how precious is His work. He is still gracious. He is still compassionate. He is still for you. Spend time looking upward to Christ and forward to the future God has for you. May your relationship be renewed as your perspective changes. God Bless and have a great day!


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