Prayer Changes Everything

What is your first thought after you finish praying? Perhaps you pray and get up and act as if nothing is going to happen. One could argue that to pray without expectation of God moving and answering your prayers is purely a religious exercise. Perhaps the person feels they have accomplished something "spiritual." However, prayer is not to be considered a religous exercise. Rather, prayer is birthed out of a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. I say it that way because the only way we get to God is through Jesus Christ. When we pray to God through Jesus Christ it is fair to say that we should expect something to happen. We should expect God to answer. After all, He is all po

Renewing Your Relationship With God

Trials can take a toll on our relationship with God. A trial that comes and is quickly resolved can be somewhat easy. However, the trial that comes and doesn't go away can be very difficult. In these types of trials our faith is really put to the test. Our view of God can really be put to the test. Our relationship with God can be hindered. Asaph was a man not unlike each one of us. He was tried and tested. The comfort he longed for seemed to elude him even though he cried out to the Lord. What's more, the very thought of God disturbed Asaph. He could not sleep at night. He pondered some very difficult questions. Has the Lord rejected me? Will the Lord show me favor again? Will

Finishing Well...

I had the opportunity to run track at the collegiate level. The experience was both fun and challenging. My primary event was the 400 intermediate hurdles. Simply put, I ran one lap as hard as I could run and jumped ten hurdles in the process. The race was over in a very short amount of time. This is the antithesis of the Christian run. Many of us are living for a day that could be a bit more distant than my 400 intermediate hurdle finish line. In the book of Philippians, Paul mentions "the Day of Christ" three times in the first two chapters. Then in Philippians 3:20, he explained that "our citizenship is in heaven, from which also we eagerly wait for our Savior, the Lord Jesus Chri

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